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Oct 9, 2012 2:00am EDT
's an understatement. but you go up and in environment, at least i was fortunately enough to where we believe that it was perfectible. you know, it's very, i think, pretty much acceptable or maybe somewhat today to be critical or almost invariably critical of the country and pointing out what is wrong. there are obviously things wrong. there were obviously things wrong when i grew up in georgia, and that was pointed out. but it was always this unrelying -- underlying bailiff belief we were entitled -- it was the way we grew up. the nones who were immigrants who would explain it to us we were entitled as citizens of the country to be full participates. there was never any doubt that we were inherently equal. it said so in the decoration of independents. there were times later on -- make remarks reciting the not so pleasant remarks and reciting the pledge of allee again or say things i think were -- not be cell phones. [laughter] people can youtube and you it's around forever. i was upset about thing. but i grew up in an environment with people around me who believed that this country could be
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
the funding environment other than giving money? >> no. >> no just giving money, that's it? >> money is one kind of speech, but i was asked a similar question recently, and i said look, barack obama has shown that there is a second model for politicians. you can build a base of small donors, as brad points out it can be very robust. even in the world of unlimited spending. >> any other thoughts on how much impact of citizens have over the state of play? >> one thing, we are in lock up your the five us because we're in a more influential group of citizens. we've influenced even without having to give money. that's one of the things i often point out his money is just one of many forms of influence that affects me. one click and do. when i was at the fec i used to meet a lot, doesn't like to do is ask the groups that coming to washington, and have these big, you can talk to the department of agriculture, a couple hundred kids. i removed one year in the evenings are creating a debate topic and they would have debates. and it's on campaign finance. i look to the resolution that was being introd
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
a lot of friends. and in an incredible, and in a beautiful environment and also in an interesting election season to say the least. our first award for the evening is -- wait, before we get to the. i had to start off wit with a je or can i start off with a joke? joe biden. sorry, that's a joke. followed up by another joke. nancy pelosi. oh, sorry. as an ardent practicing catholic. sorry. i was told by my friends at sun not like that i do the best nancy pelosi impersonation but i'm still waiting for that, you know, that bit they're going to write for me at "saturday night live." they avoid doing the actual bits about goofy liberals. it's all republicans that they do over there. our first award of the evening is the obama gas him a war. i can believe i'm actually saying this. troubling. now this is rich history. for about 25 years they read -- media research center has been document every pc from the media as they celebrate one liberal hero after another. and let me just say that people we're going to be talk about tonight, they love politicians who, want to raise your taxes, right?
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
up and i think it just really does create the environment that we are actually working in as a government today that we still of continued challenges and continue to go to congress for the policies around in the health care profession, education programs and other basis of that. so the government of a little bit different and we recognize that because we have sovereignty had reservations. but we as people are also a little bit different, too and that is because i think they are so tied to our cultural customs and traditions, our language that are clearly based upon how we are as a people. you call yourself a language warrior and spend the whole chapter on language which we know how important this is but why today as a modern-day indian do we care about language? >> guest: great question. to me this is one of my primary passions, but to me language and culture are the important areas to focus on as the native people. it's a big part of what defines us. and of course, you know, a lot of native people didn't grow up speaking their tribal languages through no fault of their
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
and a regulatory environment where businesses can flourish. but it doesn't do much more. right now we have a federal government that is far too large, $16 trillion of debt, $1.3 trillion deficit. we need somebody who will stand up and fight. i have that record in the house. that's the record i will take to the senate. that's what i would appreciate your vote, and thank you. >> our next closing statement is from marc victor. >> ladies and gentlemen, our country was founded upon freedom. we are about individual rights and responsibilities. we are about free markets. we are about being free to both defined and pursue your own happiness. it's about americans being in charge of themselves. these are the principles that made us a great nation, but we have strayed so far from these principles. we have a busybody government that is into everything. it regulates, taxes everything and everyone literally to death. it's involved in our lives cradle-to-grave. over 16 trillion in debt now and going ever higher. highest incarceration rate in the world. over 2 million in prison. perpetual wars that we kee
Oct 12, 2012 2:00am EDT
, abortion rights, environment, everyth ing is on about it. they can also get it on mine. do not worry. there is a gender gap. since 1980 and it is the voice. we got the elements of but they say they do not to go to the same numbers. no. that was wrong then and it is very wrong now. reproduction rights, family planning, i could go on. when you hear it has disappeared, it is coming back. the difference between men and women's votes it will be there it is fair look at the combination of khamenei republicans it it is based on the polls. . .acacacacacacaaac
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6